Mobility Products include supplies, software, and services. All products on the Marketplace are market-ready innovations, they have proven to make a positive impact in European cities and serve as great examples of how to make the future urban mobility greener and more sustainable.
Mobility Infrastructure Pollution Reduction
public transportation, people counter sensors, people counting systems, passenger satisfaction, data gathering
Maturity: commercialised
Lobelia Earth
Active Mobility Pollution Reduction
Public health, urban air quality, earth observation, street-level, decision-making
Maturity: commercialised
Future Mobility Multimodality Accessibility & Inclusivity
Mobility as a Service (MaaS), Corporate Mobility, Demand Responsive Transport (DRT), Multimodal, Micromobility
Maturity: commercialised
Veomo Mobility GmbH
Multimodality Mobility Infrastructure Accessibility & Inclusivity Pollution Reduction
Mobility Information, Real-Time, Integrated Mobility, All-in-one Dashboard, SaaS, MaaS, Micromobility, Decision-Making
Maturity: commercialised
Pollution Reduction
CO2 emissions, shared mobility, mapping, carbon-neutral, micromobility, decision-making
Maturity: commercialised
Future Mobility Multimodality Mobility Infrastructure
Fleet management, Data, Shared Mobility, Monitoring, MaaS, SaaS, B2B, B2G, Micromobility, Decision-Making
Maturity: commercialised
Mobility Infrastructure Pollution Reduction
bluegreen infrastructure, SaaS, climate risk, noise, heat, decision-making
Maturity: commercialised
Multimodality Pollution Reduction
decision support system, big-data, origin-destination, optimization, public transport, decision-making
Maturity: commercialised

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Artificial intelligence, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Micromobility, MaaS, Decision-Making
Maturity: commercialised
Flash Park
Future Mobility Mobility Infrastructure
parking, IoT, 5G, sensor, pick-and-collect, on-street, data gathering
Maturity: prototype
Creating Public Realm Accessibility & Inclusivity
mobility survey, survey analytics, citizen engagement, public participation, survey app, mobility analytics, SUMP, data gathering
Maturity: commercialised
Future Mobility Creating Public Realm Mobility Infrastructure
Mobile Mapping, Geo Referencing, Data Capturing, Digital Twin, 3D Visualisation, Data Gathering
Maturity: commercialised
Future Mobility Creating Public Realm Pollution Reduction
Smart Cities, Air Quality, Environmental Monitoring, IoT, AI, Data Gathering
Maturity: commercialised
Mobility Infrastructure
Asset management, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Traffic signage monitorization, Road surface damage detection, Data gathering
Maturity: commercialised