Mobility Products include supplies, software, and services. All products on the Marketplace are market-ready innovations, they have proven to make a positive impact in European cities and serve as great examples of how to make the future urban mobility greener and more sustainable.
Sustainable City Logistics Mobility Infrastructure
logistics, waste, sustainability, circular economy, transparency
Maturity: commercialised
AVO Mobility GmbH
Active Mobility Sustainable City Logistics Pollution Reduction
cycling, last-mile, cargo bike, car replacement, sharing
Maturity: commercialised
IDIADA Automotive Technology
Mobility & Energy
public transport, bus electrification, optimisation, urban mobility, planning
Maturity: commercialised
Future Mobility Creating Public Realm Mobility Infrastructure
3D Prototyping, Urban Inventions, Citizen Co-Design, Immersive, Digital Twin, Digital Twins
Maturity: commercialised
Future Mobility Multimodality Mobility Infrastructure
Fleet management, Data, Shared Mobility, Monitoring, Micromobility, MaaS, SaaS, B2B, B2G
Maturity: commercialised
Mobility & Energy Mobility Infrastructure
EV Charging Infrastructure, Electrification, Batteries, Electric Road System (ERS)
Maturity: prototype
NEMI Mobility Solutions SL
Future Mobility Multimodality Accessibility & Inclusivity
DRT, Public Transport, Off-peak, Low-density areas, On-demand, corporate mobility
Maturity: commercialised
Future Mobility Mobility Infrastructure
building-information modelling, remote surveillance, MEP systems, robotics, inspection, autonomous drones
Maturity: commercialised

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SET - Street Experiments Tool
Active Mobility Creating Public Realm Mobility Infrastructure
Tactical Urbanism, Street Redesign, Public Space, Workshops, Citizen Engagement
Maturity: commercialised
Luna Systems
Future Mobility
Computer Vision, micromobility, scooters, ebikes, vision data, accident reduction, sidewalk riding, collisions, parking, infrastructure insights
Maturity: commercialised
Mobility & Energy
Electric vehicle, Electric conversion, Retrofit, Circular Economy, CO2 emission
Maturity: commercialised
Future Mobility Sustainable City Logistics
last-mile logistics, tracking, delivery management, SaaS
Maturity: commercialised
Future Mobility Creating Public Realm Multimodality
SaaS, Smart Cities, Data, Urban Planning, Shared Mobility
Maturity: commercialised
Future Mobility Mobility Infrastructure
parking, smart parking, iot, sensor
Maturity: commercialised