Watergen On-Board: Creating water from air

Watergen ON-Board is the perfect off grid and on-the-go water-from-air solution for different types of vehicles and bus stations.

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Watergen On-Board is a game-changer in the automotive industry. The device provides on-the-go fresh water anywhere, including while traveling or working onsite and off-grid. Watergen On-Board is an innovative Atmospheric Water Generator system that can be installed on top of a vehicle, with a faucet inside, for constant convenient access to premium quality drinking water. This aftermarket solution can be installed on buses, RVs/caravans, trucks, boats and even bus/train stations. Drivers and passengers will never run out of water again. Watergen On-Board provides instant, fresh drinking water, while reducing plastic waste, expanding the feature set of a vehicle, and addressing convenience, logistics and ecological challenges. Watergen ON-Board generates up to 50 liters of water per day from the air. It is a self-sufficient, energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable solution for the transportation, services, emergency, and defense. It can be powered by 12/24 V.