Vivacity AI sensor for traffic flow monitoring.

Our vision is to make cities smarter, safer & more sustainable. Our AI sensors gather detailed & anonymous data on traffic flow travel patterns, to help optimise the transport urban infrastructure.

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Challenge Area addressed

Pollution Reduction

As a company our mission and vision are to help councils future-proof their urban development, by providing real-time and historic data, allowing for informed infrastructural decisions for safety and sustainability. Vivacity provides a first-of-its-kind sensor that can produce multiple data sets: road user classification (32 different types), road user classified counts, speed, path data (directional data), near misses between road users, turning counts, queuing lengths and times, smart street lighting activation, as well social distancing capability. All our data is autonomously collected, so privacy is at the core of our technology, making us fully GDPR compliant. Vivacity was awarded the Queen’s Enterprise Award for Innovation in 2021.