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Pollution Reduction
CO2 emissions, shared mobility, mapping, carbon-neutral, micromobility, decision-making

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Public authorities, Transport consultancies



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Vianova Mobility Policy Auto-Tuner enables cities and mobility operators to clearly identify areas where shared mobility can be deployed to maximise chances of mode shift from private cars. With this tool they can:

  • identify those areas where regulations or infrastructure should be implemented in order to nudge citizens into greater shared mobility usage
  • anticipate the ‘alternative carbon footprint’ of a trip that would be taken by a shared transport mode
  • model the potential impact of the policy from a CO2 perspective over time
  • monitor whether the implemented policies truly achieve the predicted CO2 emissions reductions
  • recalibrate the AI algorithm to suggest better regulations given the tracked outcomes

Vianova was able to forecast that its emissions calculator could could help cities save up to 1,000 tons of CO2 per city yearly, representing more than 10% of the average total carbon footprint in these cities.

Value Propositions

Vianova Mobility Policy Auto-Tuner is a tool that can map carbon reduction potential across cities.

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