Vianova Mobility Data

Enhanced user experience: data can enable businesses to improve the products and services they currently offer and therefore improve user experience.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

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Public Transport Authorities



Challenge Area addressed


Mobility Infrastructure

Vianova Mobility Data provides reliable mobility data for the whole ecosystem. Users can instantly access, integrate, and share accurate mobility data streams from a growing set of global cities. Users can customise data requests and easily search through a data warehouse of real-time and historical data.

+50 mobility data connectors

  • dynamic and reliable mobility data streams from multiple sources within a self-service catalogue.
  • users can search through a data warehouse thanks to easy queries and a plug-and-play interface.

Custom mobility intelligence

  • users can pull data from the platform to perform customised computations and visualisations.
  • users can access the specific mobility information they need to improve intelligence, services and operations.

Real-time data for MaaS initiatives

  • users can enrich mobility offerings with shared and on-demand transportation options, using a real-time integrated API.
  • users can strengthen first and last-mile connections to public transport