Vianova Curb Manager

Vianova's curbside management tools enable cities to dynamically manage parking and loading zones to improve safety, reduce congestion and pollution, as well as repurpose space for new needs.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

Product Details

Designed for

Public Transport Authorities



Challenge Area addressed

Future Mobility

Mobility Infrastructure

End the chaos of the curb and deliver on costumers' priorities for public space usage. Vianova's curbside management tools support:

  • Curb Mapping: Customers easily inventory and visualize their curb within a single interactive interface. Translate curb regulations into a single source of truth that can be easily updated and pushed via open data.
  • Curb Planning: Analyze, measure, and improve curb usage to meet customers goals. Set new priorities to improve public transport reliability, goods delivery, passenger pick-up and drop-off, and other needs. Model alternatives and evaluate their potential downstream effects.
  • Curb Compliance: Use Curb Manager to ingest and interpret costumers curb usage data compared to their regulations. Create a feedback loop to improve policies as well as reset prices and access based on their local priorities.

Join Urban Radar global cohort of cities and mobility operators using Vianova tools to make mobility safer and more sustainable in the public space !