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Active Mobility Creating Public Realm Pollution Reduction
Citizen Engagement, Cycling, Incentive Schemes, Gamification, Behavioral Change, Micromobility, Rewards

Product client

Municipalities, MNC, SMEs, System Integrators, Urban Planners, Consulting Companies, Cyclists



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Product end user

Employees, Urban Planners, Urban Cyclists

Pin Bike allows Municipalities to engage and reward citizens that choose to use bicycles, carpooling and Public transports as their daily means of transportation.

The solution relies on patented technology that, thanks to the hardware-software kit allows to verify movements and rides with an anti-fraud mechanism.

The solution has three main objectives:
  • Encourage citizens to be aware of sustainable mobility (either with bicycles, electric scooters, local public transport and carpooling);
  • Encourage proximity trade and support local shops (the rides done using Pin Bike devices can be traded with vouchers to be used exclusively with local shops);
  • Provide Public Administrations with a digital tool through which they can monitor and plan traffic and urban mobility, check movements heat maps according to the time of the day, age, time-slots, send surveys and direct messages to citizens.

Value Propositions

Verified movements and rides to incentivize citizens and commuters to use sustainable means of transportation.

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

We have an European Patent granted in Italy and pending in the Netherlands, Spain, Germany and Belgium

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