Motion: Sustainable Mobility Platform

Motion helps public and private organizations to integrate and incentivize mobility programs to transition commuters away from cars in a way that is simple yet effective.

Product Details



Challenge Area addressed

Mobility Infrastructure

Pollution Reduction

The Motion platform consists of 2 elements: a web dashboard where companies and cities can design and launch mobility programs (TDM) tailored to their specific needs. They can design rules, budgets, geofences, or incentives to encourage specific target users the desired change of behavior, e.i. transition commuters away from SOVs and toward active modes.

Secondly, there's a mobile app that allows these users to join the programs, and to automatically log and verify —using a ML algorithm— their activities. These verified activities, earn users credits (points) based on the rules of the program, which can be redeemed instantly and on-demand for financial incentives, such as direct cash on a Visa debit card or gift cards.

There is success when organizations promote the desired activity, and users get rewarded for it. On average 63% of program participants have made the shift away from SOVs towards active modes and achieved 3 active trips/week per user, validating the approach.