Keet: Digital LCV Fleet Manager

Keet allows SMEs to control their LCV fleet in real-time and effortlessly, through a simple solution that requires no setup and zero investments.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

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Challenge Area addressed

Pollution Reduction

Whenever the vans leave the company premises, managers have no visibility on GPS, routing, fuel consumption, or driver performance. This process requires several manual tasks, is error-prone, and not reliable in the long term.

Most tracking solutions on the market are engineered for heavy fleets of trucks, with high setup times and large investments required, which don’t fit the specific requirements of a fleet of vans.

Keet solves these issues by aiming at being the Digital LCV Fleet Manager for SMEs. Through a simple plug-and-play solution, Keet gives fleet owners full control over the present and past performance of each vehicle, and of the fleet as a whole, thus allowing companies to focus on their core issues, and to manage their business easily.

Keet's business model is that of a SaaS company, thus providing customers with a fully-equipped platform through which they can control their vehicles at all times, and take strategic decisions about their fleet.