cyclebeeOnRails bike & train information platform

cyclebeeOnRails combines official data of train companies, open source data and users' experience to simplify the planning of bike & train rides.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

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Sustainable travel made easy - the "cyclebeeOnRails" vision:

Imagine you no longer have to spend hours searching the Internet to find out whether the train stations on your route have elevators big enough for your bike, whether your bike is allowed or has a spot on the train, which trains offer bike transport at all, whether you can safely park your bike at the station or whether you need an additional bike ticket on your desired connection.

With "cyclebeeOnRails" you have all the important information at a glance and can plan perfectly. Whether you're planning a day trip, want to go on vacation by bike, or want to change your commuting habits, our info portal gives you the planning security you need.

More information about the cyclebeeOnRails platform:

cyclebeeOnRails will be launched for the DACH region on November 22nd. So share your bike&train-experiences with others and support the crowd funding campaign for enlarging it: