Ciclogreen: Corporate mobile app to quantify and reduce emissions

Ciclogreen supports organisations to calculate and reduce their carbon footprint from day one with its unique incentive platform that includes all modes of transport.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

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Pollution Reduction

Ciclogreen helps companies to calculate and reduce their CO2 emissions promoting sustainable commuting. They provide a customized reward programme based on a gamified tracking app that allows companies to reward their employees for using sustainable means of transport to go to work (walking, cycling, sharing a car, using public transport or an electric scooters among others). Employees only have to download the app, that becomes cooperative after registration, and use it to join virtual mobility challenges and win attractive prizes. Companies have access to a Dashboard showing aggregated data on mobility and CO2 emissions. In addition, Ciclogreen also helps companies to design their Sustainable Mobility Plan and define the best actions to reduce corporative CO2 emissions related to commuting.