The image shows the access4you® international certification mark. It features a blue background with white text that reads "access4you® international certification mark." In the foreground, there is a laptop and a smartphone displaying a webpage for "Laurus Offices" with information about accessibility features. There is a checkmark and the Access4you logo in the bottom left corner, indicating certification sticker. The background also includes a yellow handrail, suggesting accessibility considerations.

access4you® certification mark

International certification mark that certifies and qualifies the accessibility of buildings and locations to provide detailed and reliable accessibility information about it.

Product Details

Designed for

Mobility service providers




Challenge Area addressed

Accessibility & Inclusivity

The access4you® is an international certification mark that provides detailed and reliable information about the accessibility of the built environment to people living with mobility, vision, hearing and cognitive disabilities, as well as property owners, building operators and tenants of 16 real estate sectors, including commercial buildings, malls, cultural centres, government facilities and more. Additionally, certified locations receive a datasheet in Access4you’s database that is available online through web and app, free of charge for everyone.

The certification mark not only helps people living with a disability but also benefits property owners and companies: in addition to achieving their business and ESG goals, they also get an idea of how barrier-free their locations are and how their accessibility can be improved for each stakeholder group.

Main product elements: Certification Mark, Access4you Score, Client Portal, Inclusive Marketing kit