HOPU joins forces with Libelium

More than 700 devices deployed in more than 100 cities have convinced Libelium to join forces with HOPU.

The venture specialised in smart city, IoT, and air quality solutions has proven its expertise over the past years with strong business records including Telefónica, Suez, SICE, Abertis, Cibernos, Signify (Philips), NUNSYS and Televés. HOPU's team will now become part of the Spanish IoT network provider Libelium, and lead its newly created smart city business unit to jointly accelerate their mission for smarter and greener cities.

EIT Urban Mobility invested in HOPU in 2020. Since then, the company has not stopped growing. In the context of EIT Urban Mobility, it has been part of the scale-up programme in 2020 and in 2021 won the Raptor programme with its air quality solution in the Catalan town of Sant Joan Despí.

You can find further information about HOPU’s air quality, smart cities and infrastructure solutions in the recommended marketplace items section below. Here is a short summary:

  • HOPU IoT devices & smart sensors - An all-in-one device containing a wide variety of environmental sensors. Measure environmental parameters of an area such as air quality, noise and humidity levels using a single device. Some of the cities where the solution was implemented are Hamburg, Madrid, London, and Bristol among others.
  • HOPU data analysis & visualisation - An environmental monitoring platform for cities to know the real-time situation of their urban areas. Collect, analyse and visualise data on several parameters to feed into your strategic planning. Madrid, Seville and Cartagena are just a few cities which benefited from HOPU’s environmental monitoring services.


Published on 4 July, 2022.