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Future Mobility Creating Public Realm Pollution Reduction
Smart Cities, Air Quality, Environmental Monitoring, IoT, AI

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HOPU offers a wide range of IoT devices and sensors for Smart Cities covering from air quality monitoring, gases monitoring (calibrated and certified sensors with their calibration laboratory), temperature, humidity, noise (high reliability), crowd-monitoring, water/energy metering and an innovative Radio Environment Map (REM) monitoring to detect radiofrequency attacks/anomalies. Our solutions follow the different standards such as IEEE P2510 standard about data quality for IoT sensors. HOPU takes part in the FIWARE Foundation, member of OMA SpecWorks, Member of the ENISA IoT Security Experts Group, ENISA IoT Security group, member of the ETSI CIM / NGSI-LD for data models and context information management.

The Smart Spot is an advanced and robust IoT device that allows monitoring of different parameters in the same device and has their corresponding IoT device management software, fully adaptable according to your needs. It is therefore a unique monitoring station with a high capacity to obtain data on the context, environment and ambient to know the evolution of a city.

The air quality sensors are inside the device so that their integrity is ensured and they are protected against adverse weather conditions.

The inclusion of all these sensors in a single device provides cost savings in the installation, maintenance and management of all sensors, as well as in communications.

The acquisition system for the gas sensors is optimised to work between the maximum values established by the different regulations and between the typical values of the gases in a city, so that greater precision is obtained in this range. This deployment allows real-time and accurate monitoring of air pollution, making it an ideal solution for Smart Cities and other applications. 

Value Propositions

The inclusion of all sensors in a single device provides savings in installation, maintenance and management. Smart Spots offer high quality data with an accuracy of 90%. All devices manufactured by HOPU are calibrated with artificial intelligence algorithms to increase the accuracy of the devices and following the ISO17025.  

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

Particulate Matter Sensor with air pretreatment system (Patent ES-P202130118, Granted to HOP Ubiquitous SL). The pretreatment system with drying, membranes and reagent recovery is for continuous operation. Can be used for gases and particles sensors/ devices.

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