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Future Mobility Creating Public Realm Pollution Reduction
Smart Cities, Air Quality, Air Pollution, IoT, AI, Environmental Monitoring

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Cities, Local Authorities



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Cities, Local Authorities, Citizens

The SaaS offered by Libelium is specialised in environmental monitoring. It enables cities to collect, analyse and visualise a large amount of data on the real environmental state of the cities. A variety of parameters are collected, including air quality, pollen levels, noise and temperature.

This visualisation service represents the collected data through different graphic representations: graphs, diagrams, heat maps, geolocation, maps, tables, colour codes assigned to levels of danger, etc.

City managers will be enabled to efficiently manage and understand the status of the different monitored parameters. This will allow them to make informed decisions about strategic planning that ensures the sustainable development of their territory.

Cities can quantify the operations carried out and offer visualisations of this data openly to the public. Citizens can be shown and interact with the real-time metrics and the evolution of actions taken.

Value Propositions

Hopu’s SaaS is an evidence-based air quality solution with high accuracy and reliability in terms of data quality.

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