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Future Mobility Creating Public Realm Pollution Reduction
Smart Cities, Air Quality, Air Pollution, IoT, AI, Environmental Monitoring

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The SaaS offered by HOPU is specialised for environmental monitoring; covering digital services with contextual intelligence. This enables cities to collect, analyse and visualise a large amount of data related to the real situation of the cities. This includes datasets on IoT, satellites, environmental data sources, utilities and open data to provide indicators that facilitate the understanding of the territory’s environmental state and the main affected area. This visualisation service can represent the data collected from monitoring, offering these in the form of indicators through different graphic representations and regarding the types of description of the indicators, facilitating its correct interpretation by users: graphs, diagrams, heat maps, geolocation, maps, tables, colour codes assigned to levels of danger, etc. Thanks to the visualisation service, city managers will also be able to efficiently manage and understand clearly the status of the different monitored parameters to make informed decisions about strategic planning that ensures the sustainable development of their territory by the time the data is offered openly to the public. It allows real-time monitoring and showtime series that illustrate the evolution after the actions raised through metrics. In this way, the city can demonstrate quantitatively the operations carried out, based on evidence, through the visualisation and analysis of real-time data and time series through different representation forms such as maps and graphs. To visualise and interact with other open visualisations already available, you can access through the following link to various examples:

Value Propositions

Our Unique Value Proposition is an evidence-based air quality solution with high accuracy and reliability in terms of data quality with advanced algorithms and relevant services, including over 3TB of historical data and trained models for air quality propagation prevention (aligned with EPA and EU regulations).  

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