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Future Mobility Accessibility & Inclusivity
audio augmented reality, 3D audio, precise localization, intuitive navigation, B2B licensing model

Product client

private companies building apps, municipalities, mobility service providers, public transport companies



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Product end user

citizens, visually impaired and blind people, cyclicsts, elderly people

Way-finding is a fundamental part of the lives of billions. From cyclists to visually impaired people, there can be a better way of navigating urban environments without heavily relying on visual directions - AR Sound. This is why waveOut provides an intuitive, seamless and hands-free audio navigation. 3D sound points are placed along the users' routes. The sounds feel anchored in the "real world" and the users simply need to follow them one after the other to get to their destination.

WaveOut app aims to develop and deploy the best audio way-finding experience. This lays the foundations for a plug-and-play solution with a B2B licensing model for the customers that look to add an audio AR layer to their existing navigation experience. With the B2B navigation app market waveOut addresses a 2.6B Euro serviceable available market.

On a mission to redefine the AR audio experience, waveOut is looking to raise to €1M by Q1 2023 to reinforce the team of developers and, fast-track sales contracts.

Value Propositions

See the world through your ears! The latest technology of waveOut platform brings a non-intrusive audio layer to navigation systems by allowing users to simply follow sounds to find their way.

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

To provide realistic 3D audio AR, the company is developing a patentable localisation technology. One of the company's solutions is already patented (AT522549A3 - “Procedure for guiding road users”). Currently Dreamwaves is developing a technology that allows the user to have the phone in their pocket while still having precise localisation (in contrast to current computer vision approaches analysing camera data). Patenting this solution is being planned as well. 

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