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Future Mobility
vertiport, weather, planning, CFD, operability

Product client

OEMs, Vertiport planners, Vertiport Owners, Vertiport Managers, Governments, Urban planners



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Product end user

Data Analysts, Executives, Engineers, Architects

VertiPlace is a software solution suited for AAM stakeholders in the need of embed weather while taking right decisions related to investment, design, infrastructure planning and operation planning.

  • Faster ROI and reduced risk
  • Intuitive use and seamless integration
  • Flexible insights based on your needs

How to use?

VertiPlace can be used in one of these ways:

  • Via Website (GUI)
  • On Excel, Python or other platforms via API
  • GIS compatible software

Value Propositions

Analyze the operability of vertiports upfront as well as to optimize it according to VTOL type, target placement and local weather.

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