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Active Mobility Mobility Infrastructure
Climate neutrality, Cycling infrastructure, Land use, Biodiversity

Product client

Municipalities, Public authorities, Landowners, Contractors



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Cyclists, Pedestrians, Wheelchairs, Micromobilists, Citizens

VelSol is the answer to the climate and environmental impact of cycling infrastructure. Of course, we all wish for better connected and separated infrastructure for active mobility, but do we really want to release all that carbon from the soil and create asphalted deserts?

The prefabricated solution minimizes local works and improve working conditions, decreasing roadwork traffic and dust. Building above-grade means that the topsoil is left mostly unscathed with its unique ecosystem, it is also left unsealed. This also minimizes carbon emissions associated with soil sealing, the remainder being offset by the timber-bound carbon.

In southerly locations, using timber is a great way to reduce urban heat island effects, thanks to its reduced albedo, thermal capacity and moisture retention qualities.

The modular system is shipped upon order directly to site and installed on limited foundation according to the client's wish.

Options include choice of wood species, friction coating or kerb.

Value Propositions

VelSol is a modular system providing climate-enhanced, resilient active mobility infrastructure.

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Patent pending

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