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Future Mobility Creating Public Realm Accessibility & Inclusivity
Indicator-based Score, Mobility Performance, Holistic Assessment, Monitoring, Roadmaps

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Local Governments, Urban Planner, Municipalities



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Local Governments, Urban Planner, Municipalities

Holistic Indicator-Based Assessment of your City's Mobility System

Urban Mobility Assessment Model (UMAM) is a tool that analyses the mobility performance of cities. UMAM collects data regarding six dimensions which all contribute to the strength of the mobility system in a city:

  • Policy and Innovation
  • Transport Supply
  • Transport Demand
  • Data
  • Environmental Aspects
  • Social Aspects

The assessment will support cities in accelerating their strategic development and plans and achieving better performance, and it is intended to be carried out yearly. Using an online tool the required data to complete the analysis is collected.

Value Propositions

The city‘s mobility performance will be analysed according to six dimensions using qualitative and quantitative indicators.

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