TrueSight 1.0

TrueSight 1.0 enables machines to see the world built for humans in 3D. Long-term, this technology will fit in everyone's pocket.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

Product Details



Challenge Area addressed

Mobility Infrastructure

LightCode Photonics is developing a software defined camera that is resolving fundamental technical problems in 3D imaging. The company builds dynamic pixel 3D cameras designated for warehouses and intralogistics. The main USP is the ability to detect small and dark objects up to 10 meter distance. The camera sees objects that are 10 times smaller than the pixel size. 

The competitive advantage of the technology lies in the ability to enhance the performance of existing direct time-of-flight array sensors to the levels attainable to the newest premium quality sensors with high native resolutions. The technology can also be combined with both affordable and accessible COTS (commercial off the shelf) sensors, and high-end, high-performance sensors available today.

The company is looking for piloting partners and collaboration in the field of mobility (focus on warehouse and intralogistics) and for fixed installment use cases indoors and outdoors (Smart City).