TruckY: Fleet management tool to save energy

TruckY is a patented software solution that reduces fuel consumption & emission by 30% in any road vehicle by optimising in real-time vehicle speed and acceleration based on the environment.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

Product Details



Challenge Area addressed

Pollution Reduction

MinervaS is the university spin-off that offers innovative solutions in the energy and automotive sectors for the reduction of CO2 and the on-board energy management. MinervaS provides a suite of integrated solutions for smart & future mobility, from driving advisors (TruckY) to fleet management tools, tailored to the any propulsion (ICE or EV).

MinervaS main technology allows to define the context-aware optimal speed profile according to the real-time vehicle/route/driver info for both freight and urban mobility sectors.

For logistics, TruckY offers a reduction in consumption up to 30% and the containment of the related polluting emissions by suggesting the optimal speed to the driver (and soon directly to the vehicle), without increasing travel times. The solution is embeddable in most fleet-management and navigations systems.

For urban mobility, TruckY is being integrated into car-sharing/rental fleets to promotes eco-driving for dynamic pricing strategies and drivers rewarding.