Mooevo Trike

Mooevo Trike, is a new concept of cargobike: an innovative solution that allows the transport of heavier loads with less effort, allowing a safe and easy driving.

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Challenge Area addressed

Sustainable City Logistics

The Mooevo Trike is a new way of riding cargo bikes thanks to its patented TSS (Tilting Steering System) integrated into the handlebars, which helps to steer the bike with much more stability and safety in turns. As a result, this cargo e-trike can incorporate a larger box capacity with greater safety. 

The braking distance is minimised with hydraulic disc brakes on the front wheels. Its anchoring system allows parking even on slopes of  15% and has a manual safety brake.

Its design, similar to current electric tricycles, is comfortable and resistant. It allows the installation of different load boxes according to the needs of weight to be transported, volume or other variables. 

Powered with lithium Ion batteries that are easily interchangeable for greater autonomyIn case of battery failure, it is very easy to pedal and manoeuvre. 

Its two front electric motors allow it to operate on a maximum gradient of 10-15% (depending on the weight of the load). The speed limit is set at 25km/h.