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Sustainable City Logistics Multimodality
taxi, uber, data, maas, ticketing

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B2B, B2BC, B2B2B, B2G2C, MaaS, Travel, Airlines, Rail, Insurances



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MaaS, corporates, taxi, maas platform, riders, people

🌟 Elevates Customer Experience with The Good Seat's White-Label Distribution Solutions 🌟

🚗 Real-Time Ride Options: Access their extensive network of ride-hailing and taxi service providers, including Uber, Bolt and Freenow, all within their platform.

💳 Effortless Payments: Their user-friendly payment system streamlines transactions, ensuring a seamless experience for customers.

🌍 Global Coverage: Reach a worldwide audience with their extensive network of providers (130+ countries, 5M drivers).

💰 Boost Revenue: Earn commissions on every ride and foster customer loyalty with enhanced services.

⌚️ Effortless Integration: Their white-label solutions seamlessly fit their platform, providing a smooth user experience.

💡 Transform Users' Business: Join them in redefining transportation services. 

Value Propositions

Transforms users' platform into a global mobility hub with real-time ride options, boosting revenue and delighting customers.

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