Stryker-Design: Ultra-low footprint vehicle technology for personal mobility

All the comfort and convenience of cars, plus additional advantages of parking/congestion-busting and affordability.

Product Details



Challenge Area addressed

Pollution Reduction

'Half the width, quarter the energy, in half the journey time'.
A new-generation family of fast, fully enclosed, frugal vehicle types is enabled by Stryker, an unique, patent-granted, proprietary, scalable, modular platform automotive suspension, steering and drivetrain system.
'Automotive-Lite: Inclusive micro-mobility - liberating the road ahead'.
Stryker is an exceptional, innovative, UK based technology developer SME with vision, incentivising habitual drivers to move away from congestion causing cars, vans, taxis and noisy two-stroke mopeds, right-sizing vehicle for 65-90% of one and two person journeys. Tilting trailer can extend carrying capacity. Larger vehicles may be used or hired for the remaining trips.