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Charging Station, E-bikes, E-scooter, Solar Energy, Micromobility, Parking, Light Electric Vehicles

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Solum is a smart green energy provider for micro-mobility fleets. Thanks to its in-house developed technology, a solar pavement, Solum can install an autonomous charging station at any location without disturbing the urban environment.

Solum solution perfectly fits with micro-mobility vehicles, which have appeared in large metropolitan areas as an answer to transport and pollution challenges; especially e-scooters, which are suffering a frenetic expansion worldwide. However, the result of the lack of dock-stations are causing great trouble in the cities creating sidewalks and public places congestions.

Thanks to Solum charging stations, light electric vehicles avoid sidewalk and public places congestions helping cities in the integration of green micro-commuting vehicles.

Value Propositions

  • Autonomous: Thanks to the solar floor and the batteries housed inside, our stations do not need to be connected to the power grid.
  • Secure: To ensure the security of the vehicle, it has a smart lock that is controlled through the app.
  • Smart: Thanks to IoT technology it can be integrated with the miSolum platform. It also has an API to integrate it with third party platforms.
  • Urban: The pavement can be walked on and is barely noticeable for pedestrians, so we achieve a minimal urban footprint.
  • Plug&Play: It offers a very fast and simple one-day installation process, without altering the location or replacing the pavement.

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

We own one patent related to the solar pavement

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