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5G, Radar, smart city, vru, real time, traffic, safety, transport, pedestrians, Artificial Intelligent, mobility

Product client

City Governments, public transport, Law Enforcement, Emergency Services, Urban Planners, Public Transit Agencies, Parking Authorities, Environmental Agencies, Commercial Businesses, Research Institutions, IoT and Technology Providers



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Product end user

Residents, Commuters, Pedestrians, Cyclists, Public Transportation Users, Emergency, Delivery and Logistics Services, Tourists and Visitors, Urban Planners and Administrators, Environmental Advocates, Researchers and Data Analysts

Smart Radar Warning Sensors (A4R-SRWS) is an integrated radar system for the ISM bands (no license required) enable real-time detection of any kind vehicles, obstacles or potential hazards in autonomous driving by providing early warnings through low-latency 5G connectivity.

These systems play a crucial role in promoting pedestrian safety and optimizing traffic flow. By accurately detecting and tracking pedestrians, obstacles, and other vehicles, A4R-SRWS help prevent accidents and improve the overall efficiency of urban transport systems.

The radar system can collect and analyse data over time, providing valuable insights for traffic planning, optimization, and safety improvement. This data can be used to identify trends, assess crossing usage patterns, and make informed decisions regarding infrastructure enhancements.

Value Propositions

Revolutionise urban safety and efficiency with 5G Smart Radar Warning Sensor (A4R-SRWS) – the future of intelligent urban management!

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