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Mobility Infrastructure Accessibility & Inclusivity
parking, parking place occupancy detection, inclusive mobility, congestion, end-to-end system

Product client

Smart parking app & LED displays that navigate drivers to a free on-street parking spot, Smart parking app offered by the local municipality (municipality invests in the underlying IoT infrastructure), Parking spot occupancy detection integrated into EV charger apps to show the actual usability of the charger



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Product end user

private car drivers, shared car drivers, disabled drivers, EV car drivers, city logistics

We are a well established smart parking provider with 5 years of experience and over 6000 digitized on-street parking spots in Hungary.

Our end-to-end system detects occupancy of every single parking spot, sends real time data to the smart parking IoT platform and also to a mobile applications that navigates drivers to a free spot. So, we help cities track real-time usage of the curbside; and we help citizens to save time and fuel.

Smart parking is not just about public parking. Optimisation of urban logistics, the uptake of shared car usage in downtown areas, or the fight against illegal parking at electronic charging stations all need real time occupancy data.

Our cloud based smart parking platform is designed to be open & flexible, in order to support all these use cases. It can easily integrate with 3rd party data sources, such as sensors or already existing surveillance cameras. By leveraging existing city infrastructure, we offer a budget friendly, yet full solution.

Value Propositions

Smart Lynx Smart Parking is a budget friendly, end-to-end IoT system that helps cities to gain actionable insight of on-street parking usage, while decrease congestion and support urban mobility.

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