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Future Mobility Sustainable City Logistics
last-mile delivery, logistic, food delvery, cold cain, smart solutions

Product client

Delivery Platfroms, Last-Mile Delivery Companies, Restaurant Chains, EV Producer, EV Leasing Companies, High-End Resturant, Food Delivery Companies



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Product end user

Last-Mile Delivery Companies, Logistic Companies, Couriers

MOBIQU's delivery optimization technologies and IoT-enabled packaging solutions with sensors that preserve, track, and monitor deliveries allow for vehicle/courier independent significant inefficiency reduction and cost savings .These digital and sustainable solutions make MOBIQU a valuable partner for businesses seeking to streamline their delivery process.

Leading the Way in Box Smartening!

  • IoT Enabled: Real-Time Monitoring & GPS Tacking
  • Temperature Controlled. Hot & Cold in the Same Box!
  • Electronic Locking Mechanism
  • Shock, Free Fall, Tilt Alert System
  • Driver Scoring and Accident Alert.
  • QR Code Scanning Web/Mobile App

Value Propositions

Making deliveries smart, digital & sustainable.

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