See.Sense Data Services for Micromobility

Our granular sensor data insights into the experience of the cyclist or e-scooter rider helps cities improve conditions for micromobilty. Our connected bike products are loved by cyclists worldwide.

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Future Mobility

At See.Sense, we’re on a mission to make micro-mobility better. 

See.Sense Data Services harness the power of our patented AI-enabled sensor technology to make every journey seen. Our lights and SUMMIT trackers monitor the rider's environment up to 800 times per second, feeding anonymised data insights into our software and mobile app. As well as providing a range of benefits to riders, our technology provides highly granular anonymised insights into the rider's experience, including braking, swerving, collisions, and road surface conditions. 

See.Sense data services utilise these aggregated insights to inform planning, policy, safety, carbon reduction and behaviour change, and provide the evidence base for future investments.

See.Sense data services are centred around four key areas: