realCity: Intelligent traffic systems for drivers, dispatchers and passengers

Cloud-based, intelligent traffic systems for drivers, dispatchers and passengers with rapid deployment and low initial investment.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

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realCity is a team of IT experts and transportation enthusiasts offering a modular, cloud-based traffic management and passenger information system. It is able to be an end-to-end solution or can be separately implemented and customised based on critical areas within the IT infrastructure serving passengers, dispatchers and drivers. 

  • realCity | drive is an Android tablet based onboard unit software which can be used to easily integrate public transport vehicles into an online real-time traffic management and passenger information system
  • realCity | dispatch is a web based fleet management interface to supervise and manage vehicle and driver activity, featuring multiple real-time operational actions
  • realCity | ride is a passenger information web and mobile app with multimodal trip planning, real-time data and micromobility integration
  • realCity | replay is a fast and interactive traffic analysis and historical data visualisation tool for timetable planners an customer service