PassageWay RTPI Digital Signs

By providing universal public transport information access to all customers, regardless of their digital capability, PassageWay can encourage the widest possible audience to choose public transport.

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Accessibility & Inclusivity

Make the choice of public transport easy with PassageWay RTPI digital signs. They offer a range of carefully curated digital signs for both Transport Authority infrastructure as well as place-based locations. 

PassageWay helps connect people, places and communities to live, local public transport information by transforming large format digital screens into real-time digital signs. 

They work with Transport for London and other Transport Authorities to make available real-time public transport information via a portfolio of digital signs suitable for a variety of use cases. From smart bus shelters, bus stops, bus, train and coach stations to multi-modal signs suitable for schools, hospitals, workplaces etc. 

The PassageWay service provides universal information access to all customers, helping to close the digital divide between those who use mobility apps and everyone else.