Parquery Truck Parking - Guide truck drivers to an available parking spot

Parquery guides truck drivers to find available parking spots on highways. This is done by analyzing images from any camera. Even already-installed cameras.

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Challenge Area addressed

Accessibility & Inclusivity

Parquery's current customers use "Parquery Truck Parking" to solve the following problems:

  • Parking managers on highways need to show available parking spaces to truck drivers. They ask Parquery for a parking guidance system.
  • Truck drivers do not find a place to park and rest. They are tired and risk having accidents. They look for an available parking spot.

Parquery's results are delivered to local authorities and highway parking managers. Results are then integrated into on-site dynamic display boards, and Smartphone Apps, etc. As a result: truck drivers are guided seamlessly to an available parking spot.

Parquery has created artificial intelligence softwares which detect objects in images from any camera: Parquery detects vehicles in images, before automatically deleting these images.