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Mobility Infrastructure
Parking management, Smart Building, Facility management, Office management

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Office managers, Facility managers



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Office employees, Drivers

Parkey is a B2B platform that enables flexible use of a company's parking spots so a greater number of employees can commute by car and use the parking lot. The company's unique value proposition is based on low entry cost and a high level of customization. 

Corporate parking spots are a very scarce asset for a company and usually most employees don't have one. However, each day up to 60% of office parking spots are not used as people travel, are working from home or are on a sick leave. This creates a big financial waste for a company, but also for other employees that lose time looking for a free spot. 

Parkey's mission is to move thousands of cars out of the busy streets of big cities into unused parking lots creating a positive impact on the ecology and sustainability of our cities.

Value Propositions

Parkey increases office parking lot utilization by allowing employees to book and release parking spots on a daily basis.

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