ONO: Sustainable e-cargo bikes

The ONO can replace sprinters, cargo vans and transporters on the “last mile” of delivery, trailblazing emission-free transportation of goods within cities.

Product Details



Challenge Area addressed

Sustainable City Logistics

Congestion, skilled labour shortages, and access restrictions pose challenges for companies in urban delivery. The ONO offers solutions for these challenges: elegantly bypassing traffic jams, providing individuals without driver's licenses with a new perspective on an attractive job, and providing a relaxed way for your employees to fulfil their jobs in the city - all while being emission-free. This helps contribute to making cities more liveable, quieter, and greener.

With the ONO, costumers have an innovative solution for transporting their goods:

  • Emission-free: the new way of electromobility in city logistics
  • Use of cycling infrastructure: alternative routing is possible
  • No need for a driver's license: individuals without a driver's license can be mobile
  • No registration required: the ONO is legally considered a Pedelec25
  • Comfort: perfect ergonomics even on long distances
  • Weather protection: operational 365 days a year
  • Design: a real eye-catcher
  • Mobile advertising