Elonroad: Electric road system

Electric roads extend driving range and reduce the need of large and heavy batteries, thus making electric mobility and transport more affordable and reliable.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

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Challenge Area addressed

Mobility Infrastructure

Elonroad is a deep tech mobility company working with road-based charging solutions for all electric vehicles. Costumers can charge your EV both while driving as well as when parked. It works for highways, city streets, ports, terminals and other closed loop operators.

The solution has several smart, built-in features, including load balancing and billing operations. Each vehicle can be monitored and invoiced individually. Moreover, for stationary charging solutions, the charging can be remotely controlled through the app, so the driver has full control of the status of the battery and the charging. 

  • Easy to install: It can be integrated into the asphalt or placed on top

  • Safe: Only powers short one-meter segments at a time directly under the vehicle, ensuring a safe solution for the surroundings

  • Efficient: Transfers high power: Up to 300kW with a 97% efficiency

  • Works for all electric vehicles