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Mobility Infrastructure Accessibility & Inclusivity
APS, Accessibility, AI4Good, Traffic Light, Blind People, Visually Impaired, App, Inclusion

Product client

Public Authorities, Insurance Companies



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Product end user

Blind and visually impaired people

AYES has developed an APS (Accessible Pedestrian Signals) system that runs locally on the smartphone. Our mobile application, OKO, recognizes the state of the traffic light through the camera of the smartphone and our AI software. We then bring that information back to the user using audio and haptic feedback. This can avoid very dangerous situations for blind and visually impaired users.

Problem for cities related to APS systems

  • A high unit, installation and maintenance cost for the APS systems
  • Rollout of the APS systems throughout the entire city is slow 
  • The APS system comes paired with noice complaints form neighbours.

OKO can solve these issues by

  • Making an entire city accessible overnight
  • Works regardless of infrastructure
  • Saves cost on unit, installation and maintenance

Value Propositions

The OKO app provides the ultimate solutions for cities by:

  • Making a city fully accessible for blind and visually impaired users
  • Saving costs of physical infrastructure

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