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Future Mobility Sustainable City Logistics
congestion, traffic analysis, smart parking, sensor, urban infrastructure

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authorities, road operators



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City Governments:, Transportation Authorities

OBSERVER Live, a comprehensive solution for smarter, more sustainable cities. With cutting-edge smart cameras, it analyzes all modes of mobility in real-time. From vehicle traffic to pedestrians and cyclists, OBSERVER Live has users covered. Seamlessly integrates data into users' software or access personalized KPIs on a real-time dashboard.

Developed in France, OBSERVER Live is a commitment to reducing congestion, ensuring traffic flow, optimizing transportation, and contributing to a cleaner future.

OBSERVER Live is more than technology; it's a vision. A vision for cities where congestion is history, public transportation is optimized, and carbon footprint is lighter. It's about transforming urban spaces into smarter, cleaner, and more efficient environments.

Value Propositions

OBSERVER Live: Transforming cities with real-time traffic insights for a smarter, sustainable future.

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