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Digital Mobility Hub, Behavior Change, Nudging, Sustainable Travel Habits, MaaS

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Citizens, Employees, Students

In the wake of climate change, many people want to change their travel habits but find it difficult to take the first step. That's why we created the digital mobility platform Smart Travel Habits – to make sustainable choices easy.

Smart Travel Habits is based on insights from behavioral science and uses nudging as a tool. It provides a friendly and personal push in the right direction. With smart and timely nudges, the platform helps create new behaviors and habits through targeted and tailor-made messages.

Smart Travel Habits uses the fresh-start effect. This means that it uses the strong potential for behavior change at new beginnings, for instance when people move homes or start a new job. 

To reach the user, a text message or email is sent to the user containing a unique link with tailor-made information based on the user's unique conditions to create curiosity and guide the user to a customized digital platform. The entire process is measured in order to evaluate the impact of your sustainability investment.

Municipalities and workplaces use Smart Travel Habits to help their citizens, employees, visitors etc. travel more sustainably and close the gap between intention and action. 

Value Propositions

Smart Travel Habits is a cost efficient, easily scalable tool with measurable results – a solution to rely on in your work towards a sustainable and resource-efficient future.

Smart Travel Habits uses smart and timely nudges to create measurable impact and help people succeed in creating more climate friendly travel habits in their everyday life. 

Patents, Trademarks or other certificates

EU Word Trademark 018134474: SMART NUDGES EU Figurative Trademark 018134486: [Elephant logo]

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