Nommon Mobility Insights: Origin-destination data collection

Nommon Mobility Insights provides accurate, up-to-date and complete information about travel demand patterns that helps cities and operators align transport supply with population's mobility needs.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

Product Details



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By partnering with mobile network operators, Nommon Mobility Insights collect anonymised mobile data records that are then processed and fused with other data sources to produce trip matrices and other travel demand indicators. The solution is the result of an intensive research effort to meet the needs of the transport industry, and is widely recognised as one of the most advanced products of its kind worldwide. 

The key features of the product include:

  • Detailed trip characterisation: origin, destination, time of the day, duration, distance, purpose, mode, route/service, type of vehicle, frequency, etc.
  • Segmentation by travellers’ sociodemographic profile: age, gender, income, place of residence, etc.
  • Fully customisable study area, zoning system, study period and temporal resolution
  • Seamless integration with travel surveys, traffic counts and ticketing data
  • Fusion with traffic counts for conversion from person-trips to vehicle-trips
  • Quick access to historical and present information