NIMBEE: Mobile Charging Stations

Nimbee’s vision? More electric cars in the city with less charging stations. “Why should a person drive to a charging station, when it can come to them? I want to remove the current depe

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Challenge Area addressed

Mobility Energy

Pollution Reduction

The uptake of electric vehicles (EV) in cities is limited by the availability of charging stations. Many citizens would choose electric cars if charging them was easier. What if your EV could charge, while you’re recharging too?

With Nimbee´s mobile battery, citizens can use every hour of parking to recharge their vehicle, while at home, at work, or at the gym. Nimbee is the first subscription-based energy provider that comes to you. No garage or wall box necessary.

Nimbee´s mobile charging station solution is:

  • Reliable & automated: A Nim‘bee and our Nim‘beelivery driver will arrive at exactly the time you booked in the app. Or, with contactless SmartCar charging, you won’t even have to do that – your car’s IoT will talk to ours as soon as you start running low on energy.
  • Fast: In just 45 minutes, one of our Nim’bees will DC charge your car safely and securely, adding 40KWh. That’s almost 200km. No waiting around for hours.
  • Easy & seamless