Bia Optimised EV Charging

The Bia platform can easily connect to all types of charging infrastructure, no matter the brand and model, as long as it has connectivity.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

Product Details



Challenge Area addressed

Mobility Infrastructure

Pollution Reduction

Costumers can keep track of their energy costs & emissions, and benefit from custom autonomous smart charging.

Bia developed a platform featuring high performing forecasting algorithms and a powerful optimisation engine to intelligently predict and optimise flexibility in EV charging.  

Bia's industrial protocols allow communication with EV chargers, stationary batteries and energy management systems. Bia's cloud also enables the ingestion of real time data coming from electrical grids, electric meters, onsite solar to inform their optimization models. Finally, to guarantee the authenticity and integrity of the data, Bia's internal processes are registered in a ledger.

So far, Bia's smart charging algorithms have been able to unlock up to:

  • 80% reduction in peak loads
  • 50% reduction in charging costs
  • 70% reduction in charging CO2 emissions
  • 40% reduction in EV battery degradation