Next Generation Mobility Hubs

The multifunctional mobility hubs promote green mobility while providing attractive public spaces, various mobility services, and room for offices or other businesses.

Product Details



Challenge Area addressed

Mobility Infrastructure

Future parking houses should promote green mobility and give space back to the citizens instead of occupying it. Through years of working with combining mobility planning and architecture, JAJA Architects creates mobility hubs that are multifunctional, and aesthetically pleasing.

The multifunctional approach gives endless design options across mobility offerings and urban functions such as: a playground on the roof, a gym on the first floor, business offices, restaurant, or a swimming hall for the locals. The approach is attractive for developers, companies, municipalities, and locals thus it creates exciting public spaces and various  streams of income for companies involved. 


• Design and conceptual development of a Next Generation Mobility Hub.

• Market analysis and recommendations for mobility services within the hub.

• Arranging user involvement with locals.

• Delivery of necessary documentation for municipal planning approval, tender process, and construction.