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Blind and visually impaired people

For a blind person, moving away from home to start a new job or university means having to learn by heart how to get to a multitude of new places. To memorize each route, blind people require extensive one-to-one training that may go on for weeks.

NaviBlind is a hyper-accurate, accessible GNSS system, comprising an app and a wearable device (Navicap), that assists blind people in their walks by monitoring their position and providing detailed guidance. Through the antenna and GNSS module embedded in the cap, users can get their position down to centimetres, and safely navigate the routes designed by our mobility experts.

Subscribe today for a yearly plan, and get access to all the public routes in a chosen area, and 30 private routes of choice.

Value Propositions

NaviBlind is an inclusive and accessible GNSS (GPS) navigator that enables blind and visually impaired people to walk independently to new and old destinations.

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