Mosaic 51: durable 360º camera for urban mapping & surveying

Mosaic 51 is a reliable and robust tool with clear, high resolution 360º street level panoramas together with location data in a self-contained package.

Supported by: EIT Urban Mobility

Product Details



Challenge Area addressed

Mobility Infrastructure

Mosaic 51 is a robust 360° camera for mobile mapping, street view, surveying, infrastructure inspection, and related 360º imaging applications such as VFX & HDR light probes for CGI backplates.

  • Designed and built from the ground up to be durable and future-proof
  • 10fps h.264 (120Mbps per sensor)
  • 7fps 12-bit Compressed RAW (up to 8:1) in full resolution (coming Q4)
  • Onboard hot-swappable USB 3.0 storage
  • External storage over ethernet via NFS
  • High-end precision GPS with Dead Reckoning +/- 1 meter
  • 6-axis IMU (fully functional Q4 2022)
  • Sealed and water-resistant housing
  • Protected lens, easily replace lens covers when scratched or smudged

All Mosaic cameras

  • Deliver exceptional quality photorealistic street-level image 360º data
  • Reliably operate in harsh weather (Temp: -10º - 45°) & climate conditions (Humidity Range of 0-100%)
  • Come non-vendor locked, so users can choose the software solution that fits their needs
  • Are capable of integrating with external sensors (IMUs, GNSS, LiDAR, etc.)