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Pollution Reduction
active mobility, sustainability, carbon footprint, travel chains, community

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Corporates, Cities, Companies



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Citizens, Cyclists

Move Together Platform measures all forms of mobility of individual users and visualizing distances travelled, travel times, the carbon footprint produced, and all transport modes used. All the routes taken and the multi-modal travel chains can be also presented.

User can join different communities and share parts of the mobility data within the community. Communities can be set up for different user groups, and organizations.

Community could be public or private. Public communities are open to all consumers in the country, and could well serve public interest or city use. Private communities are open only with an invitation code.
Each of the communities have their own branding, targets and leaderboards, and they can have time based campaigns. Company can for example encourage their employees to move in more sustainable way or simply walk more during the campaign and reward it.
Each of the users will get their mobility and movement carbon footprint with the details of their daily travel.

Value Propositions

Mobile app to engage your community towards sustainable mobility. App is free to use for the consumers, companies and cities pay for the use of communities.

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