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Active Mobility
MaaS, Corporates, Sustainable mobility, Urban mobility, Employee benefit

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Mobu presents an innovative smart mobility budget solution, integrating a suite of sophisticated tools to enhance efficiency and sustainability in corporate transportation:

  • Mobu Virtual Card: A global payment facilitator for diverse mobility services, leveraging the expansive Mastercard network.
  • Mobu Web Application: This platform offers unparalleled flexibility and cost management. Clients can tailor budgets for each transport mode, aligning with cost and CO2 emission objectives.
  • Mobu CO2 Calculator: Featuring cutting-edge extrapolation techniques, this unique tool provides precise, automatic calculations for each journey. Eschewing the less accurate spend-based method, our calculator aligns with the CSRD methodology, facilitating effortless integration of reporting data into existing systems.
These tools collectively offer an exceptional customer experience while enabling significant emission (up to 78%) and cost reductions (up to 52%), depending on the use case.

Value Propositions

Corporate mobility solution that reduces emissions, cost and is aligning new CSRD rules.

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