With the interactive mobility scan ‘MobilityAnalyst‘ users gain insight into commutes of their employees, to develop new mobility policies, save costs or reduce CO2 emissions.

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Mobility Infrastructure

MobilityLabel provides interactive mobility scans with the MobilityAnalyst analysis tool.

This is an online environment that facilitates employers in providing insight into and optimizing mobility. This allows organisations to see where commuting can be improved and which policy is best suited to this.

With MobilityAnalyst, employers can objectively and clearly map out the effect of specific measures in terms of, for example, travel costs, travel time, CO2 emissions, facilities and vitality. By playing with sliders and values, the user creates scenarios himself and immediately sees the numerical feedback of the selected measures to his own organisation, even with complex or 'stacked' measures.

All calculations are performed very accurately, based on concrete commuting, the exact number of office days per employee, current public transport timetables and realistic traffic congestion expectations.