Metaurban Smart: Urban safety barrier that prevents traffic accidents

Metaurban SMART urban barrier is a containment system with technological applications, that makes road safety an active element in cities, as it prevents, contains and warns of risk situations.

Product Details



Challenge Area addressed

Mobility Infrastructure

The Metaurban® SMART urban barrier is a containment system that incorporates technological applications that combine signalling, electronics and software. It is a necessary platform for a wide range of services of operate correctly: information on traffic conditions, inflow of vehicles, flow of people, traffic jams, car parks, etc.

The barrier includes sensors that detect events and collect data in real time. It is more than simply an aesthetic containment system given than it affords active safety (preventing accidents from happening) both day and night.

It operates as a technological support infrastructure with data analysis, management and monitoring thanks to the PLUG&META® technology patented by METALESA.

 The barrier and screws are fabricated from hot-dip galvanised steel.