EP-GRIP VELO: Safe cycling paths

Safe cycling paths for vibrant streets.

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Challenge Area addressed

Mobility Infrastructure

For over 30 years, the company has cultivated expertise in surfaces and the development of new, innovative traffic surface systems for various types of traffic routes. These systems are individually tailored to the constantly evolving traffic conditions and safety requirements. With EP-GRIP® VELO, the company is applying this know-how to Europe's cycle paths.

EP-GRIP® VELO is comprised of a flexible material based on epoxy resin, combined with a mixture of aggregates. In comparison to conventional coatings for cycle paths, this unique formulation offers numerous advantages. It exhibits versatility, capable of coating different substrates such as asphalt, concrete, wood, or steel. The surface can be shaped and designed in a multitude of colours, providing immense possibilities. EP-GRIP® VELO can be applied mechanically on large cycle paths or manually on smaller surfaces.