Metapilot: AI launchpad for airtaxis, vertiports, and future mobility

Boeing-backed AI launchpad for air taxis, vertiports, and future mobility.

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Challenge Area addressed

Future Mobility

Are you on a mission to revolutionise the way we move through the skies? Are you tirelessly working towards building the next generation of eVTOLs, air taxis, flying cars, drones, supercars, vertiports, or ground-breaking (aero)mobility solutions? If your start-up is daring to redefine the boundaries of transportation, then we have an extraordinary opportunity for you.

Introducing the Metapilot Launchpad - a launchpad designed by pioneers for pioneers. recognizes the immense challenges and boundless potential that comes with creating vehicles that challenge the very fabric of transportation. Metapilot Launchpad isn't just another programme: it's a catapult into success.